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Document Management

Document Management

Management Policy

The overall direction regarding management

Management Manual

The Why? Organizations commitment , system description

Management Procedures

The What? Where? Who? Overall procedures.

Work Instructions

The How? Detailed instruction to work.


Objective Evidence?, Recorded data, Filled out forms

Document Management of the Future

We apply specific principles and processes into your Management Policy, Manual, and Procedures that will simultaneously reduce costs through less waste, rework, staff attrition, and litigation through increased product quality, customer loyalty, worker satisfaction, and profitability

Best fit to how you operate

Our approach is to understand your needs, your business culture, and how you operate to develop and create a simplified management manual and procedures that will meet and exceed your goals and objectives.

Easy and Attractive

We will design and create procedures and process flows that will make Quality for your main and critical processes easy, fun, attractive, and part of it not an addition to it.

Simplify & Eliminate Waste and Non-Value Activities

We will optimize your management processes and remove the non-value added activates,

Such as:

  • High costs associated with excess waste and scrap
  • Increased compliance costs
  • Failed, time-consuming audits
  • Wasted time spent on managing document revisions
  • Training employees, and worrying about corrective actions


We will incorporate and implement the latest management tools and techniques customized to your needs, which not only meets and exceeds your goals and objectives, but also will fully complies with the latest management standards in the industry.

Secure and Accurate

Not only will we simplify how you manage your documents, but also we will make it secure of any unintended use and easily accessible to the end user with the latest and greatest accurate information that they need for their job.

Powerful and Effect

We will create a powerful quality management system embedded in your documents that not only will cover all the critical areas you need for optimization, but also it is all interconnected, and will work smoothly with one another.

Elimination of Manual Doc Control

We will create and implement a management document system with automated collaboration, approval, and distribution system that eliminates the routine tedious document management activities you have.

Removal of bad Management System

As Deming states:

No matter how good you and your team are, if your management system is designed poorly, it will beat you and your team every single time. 

          We ensure, that this will not happen