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Corrective Action Management

Corrective Action Management






Corrective Action of the Future

Corrective Action is the single most critical element of any management system. It is the core of your management system where improvements and growth happens for your organization, and keeps you in business.

We apply specific methods, techniques, and tools to your corrective action process that will automate its complexity, will simplify it, and simultaneously optimize the process integrating it with other quality processes to effectively drive your business to success.

Problem Statement Clarity

We will create a powerful platform for your corrective action process to ensure that all aspect of the problem is clearly defined before any time, money, or any resources are allocated to it.

CAR Evaluation

Correction actions can be very expensive and take a long time to complete. It will tie many resources in the CAR process to be done correctly. We will make sure it is properly evaluated so that you will be investing your organization resources and time into the problems that will give you back the maximum payback and benefit. 

“We Ensure for an effective corrective action targeting problems at the right time and the right place”

Automated Risk Prioritization

We will create an automated, simplified platform imbedded into your corrective action process that is based on your risk priorities. An Automated Risk Prioritization will be created in your CAR process that will prioritize the necessary immediate and corrective actions needed eliminating the reoccurrence of any problems in the future.


Our approach is to simplify your corrective action process by integrating all related similar processes into one centralized powerful process.

Advantages of integrated CAR systems:

Have a single source of truth for the entire organization

React to quality events in a timely fashion

Eliminate manual data collection and analysis processes,

thus reducing errors

Access quality data in real-time to make quick decisions

Powerful Analysis Identifying the cause

The most critical part of a corrective action process is identifying and implementing the root cause analysis correctly.

If the root cause analysis is not done correctly, then all your efforts and resources goes to waste.

Focusing on root cause analysis when investigating problems ensures solutions are robust and improvements are effective. We will design and implement a powerful corrective action process that will correctly identify and bring all the unknown causes to the surface.

Powerful and Effect

We will create a powerful corrective action process for your management system by incorporating and implementing the latest most used Quality methodologies such as 8D and DMIAC steps into it that simultaneously fits to how you operate making improvements.

Automation Reaching Closed Loop

The methods and tools we use for the corrective action processes will triggers automated alerts and notifications to address issues more quickly, and to make sure it reaches a complete closure.


We will design and develop a CAR system that helps move your quality management system upstream. Instead of uncovering problems at the end when it’s too late with costly delays, we integrate a CAR system earlier into processes that it becomes proactive based on manufacturing optimization, supplier quality, and customer feedback. And therefore avoid potential delays or, worse, a recall.


Our conceptual approach is to put machines, people, processes, and infrastructure into a single, interconnected CAR process, which provides businesses with full disclosure over the entire workings of their corrective action system. Using this information makes overall management highly efficient.