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Quality Excellence Simplified

Quality Excellence Simplified


The Ultimate Solution to Implementation of Zero Defect Quality for your Organization

The "7 Quality Management Principles" are the base concept used for our Solutions

7Q Solutions

The "7 Quality Management Principles" are the base concept used for our Solutions

7Q Solutions

Customer Focus

This applies to both internal and external customers. Customer focus is the primary focus of quality management and seeks to meet customer needs and to strive to exceed their expectations. Customer focus aims to create value for the customer.


Effective leadership creates a unity of purpose and direction. Strong direction ensures all activities within the organization are aligned to strategies, polices and processes to collectively achieve planned objectives.

Engagement of People

Involving people means ensuring they are competent, empowered and engaged. Effective engagement of people gives the organization the tools to achieve its aims.

Process Approach

This has been a staple of quality management standards for many years. Knowing your inputs, actions and intended outputs makes day-to-day operations predictable and repeatable. Effectively managing processes ensures resources are used efficiently and highlights areas for improvement.


Improvement is not about an admission of weakness or fault, but simply a desire to do better and keep doing better for the benefit of all involved.

Evidence Based Decision Making

How many of us have ever made an impulse purchase? Do we really believe that businesses don’t also make that same mistake sometimes? Of course they do! But, by applying evidence-based decision making, decisions can be based on known requirements and the planned outcomes, direction and purpose of the organization, having involved the customers and people and with improvement in mind.

Relationship Management

This applies to all relationships of the organization. Often it pays to know your competitors as closely as you know your customers. Building networks, engaging the general public, reaching your target audience, all of these things are essential to achieve the aims of a profitable enterprise.

Why 7Q?

“Our diverse expertise, experience & passion is what makes us different from any other”

Zero Defect Implementation

Quality Management System

7Q builds and implements a management system that is:

  • Quality planning,
  • Quality assurance,
  • Quality control and
  • Quality improvement.

Meet and exceeds your Quality standard needs

7Q solutions are the best fit for Quality standards requirements such as ISO 9000 Family Standards (General, Automotive, Aerospace, and Medical Device), Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, Total Quality Management (TQM), Malcolm Baldrige, and EFQM Standards.

Automate and Simplify Big Data

7Q simplifies and automates your data management system adapting it with Quality 4.0 methodology minimizing and eliminating the middleman administrative resources from your processes.

7Q system designs and solutions will move you away from the use of spreadsheets towards the proper use of automated effective cloud base applications.